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23.03.10 um 19:40:24
For 13 years I am visiting Myanmar on a regular base. Like most people I was during the first visits also hypnotized by the beauty of the country, its landshapes temples etc. I tried to capture some of its beauty in pictures and published it on the web. Yet I was not satisfied with the result as it did not resemble what I really saw. Still I am not satisfied, but I am getting closer. I think my pics sometimes go further than usual tourist pics do. Also the areas visited are new to a lot of people. On my site you will see pictures days after Nargis, the revisited area 15 months later, the poverty of the sea gypsies in Mergui, the fishermen in Sittwe on the beach, pictures of a mourning Chin family which the family requested to make , how people in Kalaw try to change thing for the better etc. I sincerely believe it adds something to the stories you read here usually.

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