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Auswirkungen von Bali auf Myanmar (Gelesen: 3623 mal)
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17.10.02 um 09:37:47
Möchte die Diskussion aufwerfen ob die Anschläge von Bali Auswirkungen auf die Reisesicherheit in Myanmar hat.

( Abgesehen von der Politischen Situation die wir kennen )

Wass meint Ihr..... ??
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Antwort #1 - 17.10.02 um 09:45:25

ich denke, dass die Reisesicherheit in Myanmar gut ist, da Anschläge vorallem an Orten geplant werden, wo es eine grosse Ansammlung von Touristen hat.

Eine 100% Sicherheit gibt es allerdings nirgends. Auch daheim könnte ja ein Anschlag verübt werden.

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Antwort #2 - 17.10.02 um 19:18:07

The Nation (Thailand)
BURMA-THAI BORDER: Panic as 10 more bombs discovered

Published on Oct 18, 2002

Rangoon blames KNU; others believe splinter group behind terror campaign

Ten more bombs were found planted around the Burmese border town of Myawaddy yesterday, spreading fear among the local community and prompting town residents to nervously look through their yards for more explosive devices.

Myawaddy authorities are still searching for more explosives, they said.The 10 bombs were found in separate searches throughout the small frontier town, which sits across the river from Tak's Mae Sot district. There were no reports of any arrests.

The officials conducted the searches after two separate bombs exploded in Myawaddy on Tuesday and Wednesday. No one was injured in the blasts. The explosion on Tuesday coincided with the re-opening of the Myawaddy border checkpoint and two other gateways, which Rangoon had ordered shut in May.

The Burmese government blamed the bombings on the rebel Karen National Union (KNU), which has not yet reached a peace agreement with the junta.

"The KNU terrorist group was systematically scheming to commit terrorist acts to panic the people, to delay the flow of commodities, and to jeopardise Myanmar-Thai normalised relations," the government-run New Light of Myanmar newspaper said.

The KNU denied any involvement, saying its armed units don't target civilians.

Thai officials suspected that the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, a splinter group that broke away from the KNU and re-aligned with the Burmese government, might be behind the terror campaign.

They said the DKBA had benefited tremendously from the five-month-long border closing because they controlled the area where illegal crossing were carried out.

Local Burmese residents in Myawaddy, on the other hand, said the Wednesday explosion may have been caused by leftover ordinance from fighting between KNU and Burmese government troops.

The Nation
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Antwort #3 - 17.10.02 um 19:25:12
Thai-Myanmar border shocked after 6 bombs found after reopening
Xinhuanet 2002-10-17 12:20:22

BANGKOK, Oct. 17 (Xinhuanet) -- Security was beefed up on both sides of the Thai-Myanmar border after six bombs were found planted in and around the Myanmar's town of Myawaddy, opposite to Tak province and 450 kilometers west of Bangkok, within 36 hours of Rangoon reopening its checkpoints.

According to the Bangkok Post Thursday, no injury was reported after three of the bombs exploded, while the remaining three were discovered and disarmed before they could be detonated.

Wittaya Ruangmaneeya, chief of the Thai-Myanmar Cooperation Office, said Myanmar authorities had warned of possible sabotage attacks by parties adversely affected by the border reopening.

The first bomb exploded at noon on Tuesday, the day checkpointswere reopened, about two kilometers from the border, while a second bomb at this site was discovered and disarmed before it could be detonated.

The second blast was reported Wednesday at 6:30 a.m., near the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge. A second bomb near the bridge, butalso close to a school, was disarmed.

The third bomb to explode went off at about 8:40 a.m. Wednesday.

After the explosions, Thailand's 23rd Infantry Regiment Task Force was put on high alert as a precaution.

Meanwhile, Mae Sai checkpoint in Chiang Rai province, 900 kilometers north of Bangkok, was also warned of possible attacks. Enditem
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